Oppo is Going to launch Oppo Watches which looking quite similar to Apple Watches.

Oppo is Going to launch Oppo Watches which looking quite similar to Apple Watches.

Recently Oppo is going to launch smart watches which are similar in appearance to the Apple Watches. Oppo announced the launching of Oppo Watches in a  tweet.

It’s time to say hello to #OPPOWatch. 👀

Unveiled at the #OPPOFindX2 Launch Event March 6, 10.30am CET. ⏰ pic.twitter.com/IwbOJnHoyg

— OPPO (@oppo) March 2, 2020

It looks that Oppo is also going to compete with Apple Watches in the field of smart watches.

The Oppo Watch will apparently have a curved screen and “3D glass,” according to a February 17th tweet from Oppo exec Brian Shen
But in some it has difference in its Operating System and other functionalities. It has no knob like some apple watches.
Now, will Oppo be able to create a space in the industry of smart watches  as competed in Smart Phones Industry, is still questionable.

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